The Project

The Twinning project “Strengthen the institutional tourism system in Jordan by enhancing the capacities of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities”, between The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Italian Republic, sees the direct participation of
  • The Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (MiBACT)
  • Formez PA, which responds to The Department for Public Administration (DFP) of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic
  • The Tuscany system, characterized by the Region of Tuscany, the Province of Florence and the Municipality of Florence
  • The Jordanian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (MoTA), the Department of Antiquities (DoA), the Jordan Tourism Board (JTB)
It establishes as an institutional building tool for leading the sustainable growth of tourism in Jordan and the optimization of tourism's contribution to socioeconomic development.

The Overall Objective 

To lead the sustainable growth of tourism in Jordan and the optimization of tourism's contribution to socioeconomic development.

The Purpose 

To strengthen the institutional and technical capacities of the MoTA in order to enable it to exercise the political, regulatory, developmental and technical functions as enshrined in the National Tourism Strategy and in line with the EUstandards and best practices.

Components' Mandatory Results

  1. The capacities of MoTA to effectively deliver Government of Jordan tourism policy, strategic objectives and to manage coordinated actions of tourism development are strengthened
  2. The capacities of MoTA to plan, develop and promote an enhanced product mix for the Jordanian tourism industry, in coordination with its partners DoA and JTB are strengthened
  3. Tourism promotion and development instruments and tools are introduced, using the knowledgebase and exchange of experience

Components' Activities

  • Activity 1.1. Assessment of the needs, capacities and functioning of MoTA and its capability to effectively implement the NTS - National Tourism Strategy
  • Activity 1.2. Capacity building for relevant departments in MoTA for implementation of the NTS
  • Activity 1.3. Organisation and implementation of a capacity building program, focused on Directors of the 9 MoTA offices in the governorates in order to:
    • 1.3.a. raise the level of services provided
    • 1.3.b align to the same operational procedures and uniform standards
  • Activity 1.4. Study visits for MoTA staff to experience MS best practices and EU standards according to their tasks
  • Activity 1.5.Enhancing the IT Department capacity to explore and identify, on the MS experience basis, new services to interactively communicate with tourists with particular reference to mobile platform, social networks and innovative technologies
  • Activity 2.1 Building the capacity of MoTA in the field of project planning
  • Activity 2.2 Designing a pilot project, led by MoTA, DoA and UNESCO focused on a joint and coordinated site management of the cultural heritage of the site Umm er-Rasas
  • Activity 2.3 Designing a pilot project focused on the development of one specific innovative product as an example of innovative, low-season product for (a) target niche market segment(s)
  • Activity 2.4 Organising secondments for 2 MoTA and 1 DoA specialists to experience MS best practices and EU standards of site management and product development
  • Activity 3.1 Study visits to MS twinning partner institution for 2 MoTA and 2 JTB experts, attending exhibitions, training workshops and advisory sessions and inputs from the EU partner/s
  • Activity 3.2 Support to JTB specialists to develop and implement a pilot E-marketing project focused on enhancing the image of Jordan as a safe destination in key EU source markets
  • Activity 3.3 Development of a National Tourism Recruitment webpage inside the MoTA website as a means of promoting jobs in tourism and raising the profile of careers in the sector