Activity 3.1 - Study visits to Member State twinning partner institution for 2 MoTA and 2 Jordan Tourism Board experts, attending exhibitions, training workshops and advisory sessions and inputs from the EU partner/s


Organization study visits, including conferences and meetings in relation to the goods practices developed in the concerned subjects with the aim of developing an example of creative new marketing strategy and a model of Twinning outcome 

Detailed Activities
  • 3.1.1 Study visits 1: Field of expertise: Tourism marketing and promotion of the territory. 
The first study visit focused on the examination of activities (meetings, tourist fairs visits etc.) workshops, of tourism marketing and territorial promotion. The experts from MoTA and JTB attended: 
    • Meetings with the head and staff of an organization leader in the field of destination marketing and territorial promotion, to discuss activities organized both on the domestic and international scene to promote tourism in conjunction with crafts, fashion, food and wine 
    • Meetings with head and staff of an organization leader in web marketing techniques 
    • Meetings with local municipalities which for years now have been successfully experimenting cooperation in green and sustainable tourism promotion and information; field visits to a series of locations and sites 
  • 3.1.2 Study visit 2: Field of expertise: Management of Cultural Heritage 
The second study visit focused on the most recent strategies of management of cultural heritage. The experts from MoTA and JTB attended meetings with the General Management Office of a peripheral organ of the Italian Minister of Culture and its staff, discussing their experience in the management of fundamental Italian art collections, the organization of exhibitions and the related promotion; the experts also visited some of the most relevant Italian public and private museums and collections. 

  • Study visits