Activity 2.4 - Organising secondments for 2 MoTA and 3 DoA specialists to experience MS best practices and EU standards of site management and product development


The organization of secondment/internships for experts of MoTA and of DoA for comparative meetings and presentation of best practices in management of cultural heritage and experience of tourism promotion, and assessment of the effectiveness and usefulness of the study visits. 

Detailed Activities
  • 2.4.1 Secondment/internships for three experts of MoTA and two of DoA for twenty days each will be organized, for comparative meetings and presentation focused on sharing instruments and best practice in different field such as: 
    • management, valorisation and promotion of cultural heritage sites 
    • experiences on restoration and conservation of archaeological heritage, 
    • experience on Destination Marketing and tourism information 
    • experiences on the organization of exhibitions and related activities dedicated to various targets of visitors, like children, families, students - experiences in the marketing of cultural sites in cities active in territorial marketing. It will be possible to discuss instances of products aimed at strengthening and enhancing the tourism industry
  • Secondments
  • Evaluation forms/report to assess the quality and relevance of contents and training provided, quality of lectures, of best practices and lessons learned