Activity 1.4 - Study visits for Product Tourism Development Department (PTDD) are TSMD (Tourist Site Management Directorate) personnel of MoTA to experience MS best practices and EU standards according to their tasks


The first study visit addressed to MoTA staff was aimed at illustrating the most recent and comprehensive public-private partnership models adopted in Italy as to the management and public use of huge monumental complexes, acquiring acquaintance with this model, understanding how the procedures to organize festivals, events organisation and performing arts deal with financial resources, and promote their dissemination, understanding the experience on the policies to strengthen the territory and the tourism system connected to it. A specific study visit was organized for the 9 Directors with the aim of increasing the Directors vision of different ways and experiences in handling public private partnership and in site exploitation. On the other hand, the second study visit was focused on in depth examination of practices related to site management and enhancement. 

Detailed Activities
  • 1.4.1 Study visits 1: Field of expertise: Policy development 
  • 1.4.2 Study visit 2: Field of expertise: Site management 
  • Study visits to an EU Member State 
  • Mission report